Follicular And Chronic Tonsillitis Treatment In Hyderabad

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Follicular and chronic tonsillitis treatment in Hyderabad. Tonsillitis is an inflammation of your tonsils, which are located in the back of your throat. It is usually caused by a viral infection. You may have sore throat, swollen tonsils and pain when you swallow. If you have tonsillitis, your tonsils may become red, swollen and sore. Your tonsils are two small round spots of tissue in the back of your throat. They are part of your immune system, helping your body with infections. As you grow older your tonsils become smaller. Tonsillitis affects people of all ages, but it is more common in children and young people. You can get tonsillitis at any time of the year. But you may have viral tonsillitis in the summer or bacterial tonsillitis in the autumn and winter or early spring.

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